CAREERS is the extension of the activities of the Center for Orientation and Documentation.

In 1992, the Center of Orientation and Documentation "C.O.D." was founded and launched as first center for assessment and career counseling in the region.

In 2001, after 9 years of dedication to enhance Career Development in Lebanon, C.O.D. took a great unprecedented local and regional initiative by launching "FORWARD", the first Orientation and Recruitment Forum in the Middle East! FORWARD immediately established itself as a highly anticipated annual meeting for all parties concerned with employment, education and training to interact effectively and keep up with the increasing challenges of the global market.

In 2002, further to the significant demand noted through FORWARD, CAREERS was created to carry out the same activities and services all throughout the year. CAREERS was soon asserted as a reputable company specialized in counseling, psychometric testing, training, recruitment and HR management consultancy.


To meet the restless global market, CAREERS introduces a new concept of CAREER centers.  At CAREERS, all aspects of work are treated, yielding a holistic, all-inclusive structure.  CAREERS specializes in activities that incorporate the full employment cycle, ranging from planning and development to institutional management of work, hence, providing an individual and an organizational focus on CAREERS.  This centralization of activities produces a coordinated framework, vital to match contemporary evolution.


At CAREERS, we deeply believe in our active role to develop human potentials and companies' efficiency! Thus, our work mainly focus on:

  • EMPOWERING individuals to become independent and self- directed in their career decision-making process

  • ENHANCING companies' professional structure and human resources

  • PARTICIPATING in the creation of employment opportunities

  • CONTRIBUTING to global development and growth