FORWARD, the MEA largest Recruitment Forum

Since 2000, FORWARD Forum became the obligatory yearly get-together of all parties concerned with employment, education and training to meet and interact effectively keeping up with the increasing challenges of the global market. For 13 consecutive editions, FORWARD yearly brought together the Lebanese workforce with more than 200 local, regional and multinational leading companies, recruitment agencies, associations, professional orders, higher educational institutions, training and cultural centers and many others. The forum played a major role in building the trust in the potential of our country, encouraging its economic and social development all the while surpassing hurdle after hurdle and yet shining brighter every year.


BUSINESS, the Entrepreneurship Forum

Launched in 2011, BUSINESS offered an ideal platform for entrepreneurs, business owners, managers, investors, inventors and professional advisors to exchange services, ideas, advice and investment opportunities. Aiming at supporting and empowering SME’s and entrepreneurs in achieving their business and personal potential and at assisting startups and businessmen in attaining the funding and resources they may need to successfully begin their endeavors, BUSINESS provided these parties with the opportunity to meet with professionals, institutions and NGOs whose objective was listening, discovering and helping them bring their projects to life.


Lebanon HR Summit

Eager to promote and develop the HR sector in Lebanon since 15 years, CAREERS finally instigated in 2013 an HR Summit in Lebanon matching the most reputable international ones to provide the largest number of Lebanese HR Managers and practitioners with a supreme chance of networking and learning from some of the world’s most renowned HR Gurus! Lebanon HR Summit’s goal of is to offer valuable knowledge transfer and networking as well as to highlight future trends. It is meant to be a gathering for HR executives from companies across the industries to exchange ideas, develop new partnerships and discuss the latest tools, technologies and strategies being employed in the profession to enhance departmental efficiencies and drive corporate growth. Over 2 editions in 2013 and 2015, the two days event hosted 36 outstanding international and Lebanese HR leaders and was attended by over 300 HR managers and top executives from all over the region!


The Visionary Entrepreneur Panels

A first of its kind event in Lebanon launched by CAREERS M.E. & Management Mix through BUSINESS 2011. These unique panels were of tremendous success as they hosted every year over the four days forum 4 ministers and 12 outstanding Lebanese entrepreneurs. Each guest shared his impressive success story with the fair’s professional audience & gave guidance and inspiration to new starters. This event attracted thousands of Entrepreneurs and Businessmen and was amazingly covered by most of the regional media.


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