To assure the quality of our talent, our candidate screening process includes administering our industry leading proprietary skills assessment. A wide range of psychometric appraisal tools developed by qualified and experienced occupational psychologists and validated on global basis.

These assessments evaluate interactive, design and editorial skills and software proficiencies. Our top-of-the-line talent selection process also includes meeting with each candidate in person, evaluating their skills through portfolio reviews and conducting extensive reference checks.

  • Experienced and Certified Psychologists to interpret and identify your employee's unique personality traits and competencies.

  • Professional HR consultants to provide solutions in organizing and restructuring your workforce diversity to maximize productivity.
Why the need for HR ASSESSMENT?
  • To determine if a candidate has the skills for a job
  • To judge how well a candidate fits into the team and organization
  • To minimize the cost of recruitment
  • To understand one's strengths and weaknesses
  • To identify potential
  • To provide an appropriate development program
  • To allow development to be focused on greater needs
  • To maximize individual productivity


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